Cleaner Moves Movies To OS X


Discreet has updated Cleaner 5, its professional video authoring tool, to version 5.1.1. The update adds native OS X support to the application.

Cleaner allows users to turn QuickTime clips - or entire movies - into web-ready movies or DVD-Video (MPEG-2) or VideoCD (MPEG-1).

The interface gives users enormous flexibility to choose the type of encoding or delivery - for example, you can choose QuickTime, RealVideo or Windows Media, depending on your needs. You can also control how large and what quality a clip is for web delivery.

Cleaner also allows you to make DVD-Videos or VideoCDs from your QuickTime movies. Movies prepared with Cleaner are completely compliant with CD burning software, such as Toast or Discribe. Cleaner MPEG-2 encoded movies can also be burned to DVD-R.

The application also delivers much higher quality than, say, Toast's VCD encoder. It also permits virtually total control over elements such as noise reduction, fade in/out, crop/fit adjustments, NTSC/PAL, bright levels and contrast.

The free updater for Cleaner 5 (10.1MB) is available for all users of Cleaner 5. Note that the installer needs to be run in OS 9 (OS 8.6 is minimum requirement for use of classic version), together with QuickTime 4.1.2 for users of OS 8.6-9x.