Adaptec Updates SCSI Drivers for OS X


Adaptec has updated several of the drivers for its Mac SCSI PCI cards for OS X.

The PowerDomain series and AVA-2906 fix a number of sleep problems on Power Mac G4s when certain SCSI peripherals are attached

Version 1.1 of the drivers for OS X are available for the following SCSI cards

- PowerDomain 2930U
- PowerDomain 39160
- PowerDomain 29160/29160N
- AVA-2906

Click over to Adaptec's page for all Adaptec's SCSI cards,which links to the latest drivers.

Analysis: Good to see Adaptec keeping up with the SCSI card updates for G3s/G4s, as its important to pro users and not-so-pro users of SCSI drives. Adaptec has also promised it's moving its SlimSCSI CardBus cards to OS X, so it'd be good to see progress in that direction to keep SCSI open as a viable interface for PowerBook owner-drivers.